Short Story Collections

A Tale of Two Sisters

ataleoftwosisters1Rosie and Elizabeth have never seen eye to eye. Rosie has always felt second best to her glamorous and high-flying older sister. While Elizabeth was studying at university and getting ahead in her career, Rosie stayed at home, caring for her alcoholic mum before meeting the love of her life and starting a family of her own.

But Elizabeth has never invited Rosie to visit her at her apartment.

Why not?

When Rosie decides to turn up announced, everything is not what it seemed … And everything she ever knew about her sister is about to change.

Published by Endeavour Press, A Tale of Two Sisters is an ebook available from Amazon.

Cheque-Mate & Other Tales of the Unexpected

cheque-mateA collection of ten short stories with a twist, “reminiscent of the glorious collections by Roald Dahl” – Olivia Strange

“This collection was the perfect length, kept fast paced and entertaining through the cast of complex and unpredictable characters from stalkers, murderers to the more benign nosey neighbours” – Antonia

“Absolutely how short stories should be – you don’t see the twist coming” – Lesley Lodge

“A thrilling concoction of disturbing yet enthralling, terrifying yet exciting and ridiculous yet captivating but at the same time it places the reader in an everyday situation; thus doling out a huge dollop of ordinary with a side of sinister” – LyndsayA

Published by Endeavour Press, Cheque-Mate & Other Tales of the Unexpected is an ebook available from  Amazon.